Ideas into Action: Second Managing Brokers’ Conference Takes Hands-on Approach

BCREA’s second Managing Brokers’ Conference, on October 17 in Kelowna BC, will take a hands-on approach so that conference attendees come away with new skills, practical resources for their brokerage and stronger relationships with other real estate professionals. This year’s theme is Ideas into Action and, as the theme suggests, the conference aims to provide brokers with tools to navigate the challenges facing them today.

“As a managing broker, I know we need more than just an industry update; we need resources that we can implement in our brokerages and professional practice,” said Michael Trites, BCREA President and a managing broker.” I’m excited to see the hands-on approach that BCREA is taking with this year’s conference, and the focus on practical resources for brokers.”

Among others, the conference will include sessions on best practices related to money laundering risk, what the upcoming changes to the Professional Development Program will mean for brokers, and a sneak preview of a new mobile app that provides REALTORS® with on-the-go access to resources and professional development!

Best practices related to money laundering risk
Henry Tso from MNP, a Canadian accounting, tax and business consulting firm with deep experience in best practices related to money laundering risk, will lead this session and provide brokers with clarity on money laundering and the impacts it has on the real estate industry and Canadian businesses.

“Attendees can expect a lot of real-life examples and practical takeaways for protecting their business from the risks associated with money laundering,” said Henry, who previously led one of the RCMP’s largest financial crime teams in Canada and has worked for over 20 years fighting financial crime.

Professional Development Program transition
This session will ensure attendees have the information and resources they need to support their brokerage through the transition to the new Professional Development Program (PDP) framework on January 1, 2020. Joanna Pedersen, BCREA Education Manager, will give an overview of the program and explore the details of self-directed learning.

“The new self-directed learning component of the PDP is really exciting and opens the door to new learning opportunities for brokers and REALTORS®,” said Joanna. “Brokers also have a unique role to play in inspiring and guiding REALTORS® in their self-directed learning and how they want to grow and develop as professionals.”

Mobile app sneak preview
In keeping with the theme of the conference, attendees will be introduced to a new mobile app aimed to support BC REALTORS® with timely resources and professional development. Attendees will be given early access to the app and have opportunities to engage with it throughout the day.

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